COVID-19 has made an impact on just about everyone I know.  The virus has cost time, money, and an ever-increasing number of lives.  But it has also sharpened our awareness of how fragile we can all be, and the need for significant safety measures.

In our efforts to maintain normality, we try our best to 'move on', and that includes those who still value the services of photographers like myself.  It's not an easy choice to make in deciding where and with whom to place your trust, but I hope it will be with me.

When you do decide, remember that I will have cleaned all relevant areas thoroughly before your arrival.  I will ask that you wear a mask while waiting and that you will allow me to check your temperature before we begin.  Sanitizer and wipes are available for you.  I check my temperature, oxygen, pulse and bp regularly, and wear a mask at every session.  I'll also clean everything all over again when you depart.

Just like the online booking you can use to pick a date and time for your appointment, we will also use an online method for review, selection, purchase, and download of your images.  A free Zoom call option is yours if you like.  And the delivery of your print products will be direct to your door.

 Over the top?  Perhaps.  But your safety, and mine, are a priority.   If not for us, for those we love, the friends we know, and for the friends we have yet to meet.

Thank you