Color Samples from Sherwin Williams

Q. What should I wear?
A.  Most folks usually start with "what colors?", so let's start there, too.  Consider natural colors that compliment your skin tones, eyes and hair,.  That could mean natural greens or browns or blues.  If you like purple, that's great, to, or any pf the colors below, while you try to avoid the extremes of solid black or solid white.

For more ideas, take a look at the Backgrounds page for examples of how your clothing can have harmony with backgrounds. 

You'll also want to consider solids over patterns, and avoid busy looksLong-sleeves rather than short,  Texture is great, like a woven sweater or a hounds-tooth jacket, but let's talk more about your choices during our introductory call if you have any questions.  Above all, wear what YOU like, and what makes YOU feel good!

Q. How do I purchase online 24/7?
A.  You can purchase Digital Images, Prints, Wall Art and Cards from Your Personalized Gallery.  You can use any major credit card via PayPal, or Offline Payment.  PayPal orders will be processed immediately.  If you choose Offline Payment, your order will be held until payment is received.  Offline Payment can include check, cash, Venmo and Zelle.  Take a look at this 1 - minute video for more information.

Q. How do I save and share Favorites?
A.  You can create and save a Favorite list by clicking on the Heart icon you will see when you hover over the bottom right corner of any image (see below).  You'll also see the Heart icon in the upper right corner of the Gallery.

Enter your email address to create a link to your Favorites.  You'll also see options for sharing and downloading at the right side of the navigation bar.

You can Share Favorites when you click on the Share icon (the right-pointing arrow) and bring up the list of Sharing options:
1) Email Favorites: This option gives you the ability to email favorites to a specific email address or addresses.
2) Send to Photographer: You can use this option to notify me after you are done with your selections.
3) Get Link: This option will provide you with a direct link to share your Favorite list.

Q. How do I make sure I select the right size print?
A.   You can check the 'fit' for your image real-time when you hover your cursor over each size!  Check out this 31-second video for more details!

Q. What is the difference in 'Web-Size' vs. 'High Resolution' images?
A. First, note that BOTH are the same image, but each are for unique purposes and budgets.  Web size images are ideal for internet use, like Facebook, LinkedIn and for your website.  For print or magazine use, choose the HIgh Resolution images.  You can use your print credit for either, and some packages include one of both sizes!

TIP: Get a cut, color or facial several days ahead of our session to give the new look time to become 'normal'.

Q. What are 'Custom Enhancements'?
A. At your request and at a minimal upcharge, we can take your look further, with more youthful face sculpting, hair color changes, and digital backgrounds to add more color harmony.

Take a look at Summer's ENHANCED and DIGITAL BACKGROUND examples below, where you may notice the hair color and two unique digital examples.

And below you'll see what is INCLUDED as 'Professional Enhancements'.  That's what has also been called the 'Miracle Button' by many of my clients, with skin softening, balanced skin tones, and other adjustments to give a bright smile and get more 'pop' from your eyes!

Q. What is included with 'Professional Enhancements'?
A.  Enhancements to most images include minimizing wrinkles, blemishes and things that wouldn't normally be present.  We want to make your look your best, while making sure you still look like you! 

Take a look at the ever-stunning Summer Horton below and you'll see the ORIGINAL (straight-out-of-camera) shot,

Q. Will your watermark be on all of my images?
A.  No!  The watermark you see while on my site is only there to deter unauthorized use of any of my (your!) images.  Print products and digital images will be free of any watermarks!

Q. What are some good ideas for locations?
A. Take a look at the Locations page for more details on locations in and around DFW, You'll see great spots in Flower Mound, Grapevine, Deep Ellum, Carrollton and more.

And you'll see another great suggestion in my Personal Studio in Highland Village. It's always 72°, dry, and only windy when you need it to be.

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