'Custom Enhancements and Optional Digital Backgrounds' take your look further, with more youthful face sculpting, hair color changes, and digital backgrounds to add more color harmony.

Take a look at Summer's BASIC PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT and OPTIONAL DIGITAL BACKGROUND examples below, where you may notice the hair color and two unique digital examples. Digital background swaps available for just $29 each)

And below you'll see what is INCLUDED as 'Basic Professional Enhancements'.  That's what has also been called the 'Miracle Button' by many of my clients, with skin softening, balanced skin tones, and other adjustments to give a bright smile and get more 'pop' from your eyes!

Q. What is included with 'Basic Professional Enhancements'?
A.  Enhancements to most images include minimizing wrinkles, blemishes and things that wouldn't normally be present.  We want to make your look your best, while making sure you still look like you! 

Take a look at the ever-stunning Summer Horton below and you'll see the ORIGINAL (straight-out-of-camera) shot,