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Book your 'Things You Gotta Know' class today!

Book your 'Things You Gotta Know' class today!

If this sounds like the thoughts bouncing around in your head...

"Have I spent money on the right equipment?"
"Do I need speedlights or studio lights, or both?"
"What's the difference in an umbrella, a reflector, a diffuser and a baffle?"


"How do I make a workflow that works for me?"
"Can I improve my images quicker and easier?"
"How can I get the most out of my Adobe subscription?"

"I encourage anyone that wants to learn Lightroom or needs to brush up on their skills to take Guy T's class. Event though I currently use Lightroom, I still learned so many editing options that I didn't know about. Guy T is a wonderful, talented Instructor."

"This course was exactly what I was looking for. Guy's teaching style was light and just fast enough. Jokes kept it fun."

"Great explanation from start to finish"

"This class helped me understand the workspace and will improve my workflow"

"Just a quick note to let you know that your presentation on the new features of Lightroom Classic was excellent. Really enjoyed your thoughts and how clearly you brought up each feature. Went directly to Lightroom Classic this morning and started applying what you showed us. Many thanks for a well thought out presentation"

Here's what participants in one of Guy T's recent TEXAS PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION classes had to say ...


If you keep asking yourself ...

• 9 AM - 4 PM
Complete hands-on experience
• Projector and screen presentation for easy follow-along
• Course Objectives
     • Get the most out of your Adobe subscription
     • Understand the elements of a productive workspace
     • Learn how to control the panels within the most common modules
     • See how to use key components to improve every image
     • Gain ideas on time-saving Import, Library, Develop and Export presets
     • Identify keyboard shortcuts that will make you more efficient
     • Realize steps to improve your day-to-day workflow
• Minimum 4 persons


one-on-one hands-on with LIGHTROOM - $49 PER hour

• You define what you need - and we stay on track!
• Schedule your Introductory Phone Call to set our goals!

Things You Gotta Know about Lighting, Light Modifiers & Light Controls - $99 per person*

• 9 AM - 4 PM
• Complete hands-on experience
• Projector and screen presentation for easy follow-along
• Course Objectives
     • Gain confidence with hands-on, while you learn the advantages of each 
     • Natural light, Speedlight, Constant Light and Studio Flash
     • Learn the when and why to choose the right method 
            • Diffuser / Reflectors
            • Shoot - Through, White Reflective, Silver Reflective Umbrellas
            • Strip Softboxes
            • Square Softboxes
            • Octobox and Parabolic
            • Light Stands, Big and Small
• Minimum 4 persons

Book your 1-on-one Mentoring appointment today!

"Am I good enough?"
"What settings should I use?"
"How do I pose my clients and do everything else by myself?"

... and so many more questions that keep you awake at night, you are not alone. If you need that second set of eyes and hands, a valued opinion or ideas that can make a difference in your success, we can set a success plan in motion!


"I met Guy T. at Texas School of Professional Photography back in 2017. He was assisting in the class I was taking for the week. He was a wealth of knowledge, and over time became one of my most trusted mentors and friends. Guy T. is an excellent photographer and operates his studio in Highland Village, TX. If he doesn't know an answer, he WILL find it! He goes the extra mile in all that he does for his students, clients, friends & family. He has a heart of gold and is truly one of the most humble (and hysterical) individuals I have ever met. So, whether you're looking for a top-notch photographer or a trusted photography mentor, Guy T. is your man!"
- Chloe Saltarelli, Chloe Saltarelli Photography